Brand Breyne

BreyneSports provides a multidisciplinairy support for professional sport careers.

The broad and diverse background,  academic education and professional experience makes Brand Breyne the ideal support for every talent and professional sporter.

  • Master of Science Physical Education
  • Sportmanagement
  • Belgian Olympic Academy
  • Teacher
  • Trainer B football
  • Youth coordinator
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Sporttechnical coordinator
  • Former football players agent



Management of sport organisations



Physical tests of amateur to professional athletes.


Exercise Physiologist

Conditional test, permit test and physiological profiles in cooperation with Science of Moving.

Maximal exercise tests with lactate & spirometry  measurements and heart rate zone determiniation. Test analysis & training advice for amateur to professional athletes.

Conditional parameters evaluation with specific training program build up.

  • AZ Sint-Elisabeth

Sport medisch centrum Zottegem

Godveerdegemstraat 69, Zottegem


09/ 364 89 15, secfysio@sezz.be



Multidisciplinairy management of sport organisaties.


The combination of different expertises certifies a necessairy expansion of every sport organisation. 


Strategic policies determine the direction of the organisation, which is configured in different chapters. A complete offer within the sport piramid, talent detaction program, trainer development and club support. With attention to ethics and secirity and support for the top sport activities. 


  • Multidisciplinairy specialisations
  • Strategic and middle management
  • Professional attitude